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We’ve serviced many commercial customers that own retail premises in need of a good old fashioned clear out. Shops can become overly cluttered and filled with rubbish very quickly. Particularly out in the stock room where boxes are left, and packages are thrown on the floor.

Essex Clearence
A team of professional garden clearers

The best shop clearance in Essex

Our company can help you tidy up your shop and get rid of all the rubbish you have left lying around. In turn, you will find your shop to be a more productive place as your employees can work without being disrupted by clutter.

Similarly, we help shop owners deal with moving out of their old premises. We can handle the disposal of various large items commonly found in shops. From display cases to shelves, we can take them off your hands and clear out your premises.

As with all our clearance services we get rid of things in an environmentally friendly manner. This means we often recycle or reuse your old items to avoid filling up the local landfill site.

For the best shop clearance service in Essex, give us a call today. We will arrange to meet at your premises at a time that suits you. Here, we will assess the situation and give you a quote for the cost of our service.

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