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Benefits of Professional Clearance Services for Your Home or Business


When the immediate environment around you is clean, it fosters good health and a jovial mood. It could be your home or workplace, living and working in a hygienic and clean environment not only keeps people healthy but also enhances productivity and the overall quality of life.

More often than not, we find ourselves too occupied with other things to make sure our home or workplace is cleaned and cleared regularly. This neglect results in the build-up of rubbish over time, a phenomenon that is highly unpleasant and unhealthy for everyone involved.

That is why you can delegate the clearance of your home or workplace to a professional clearance service. Such a service is easy to use and has your property clean and ready in a short period of time. The service also disposes your rubbish or junk items for you. Once the clearance is complete, the rubbish collected can be removed in a single day.

The Benefits of Clearance Services

There are multiple benefits of using a clearance service for your home or business. Here we look at five of them.

1. Cost Effective

One could be forgiven for thinking that hiring external help for something like house clearance costs a lot of money. Nothing could be farther from the truth however and the money you pay towards clearance services can very well be considered an investment. A clearance company takes away the time and monetary cost incurred by you in collecting, transporting, storing, and recycling the rubbish yourself. There is also the threat of storing unhygienic rubbish or waste, which could lead to proliferation of pests and harmful pathogens. In other words, what you pay for professional clearance services is worth the time and effort you save in doing the task yourself.

2. Convenience

If your home or workplace has accumulated rubbish or waste over the years, clearing it would take a lot of time. Now this could be inconvenient, especially if it’s in the vicinity of your home or workplace. By hiring the services of a clearance company, you can ensure waste removal tasks are handled instantly and seamlessly. A professional clearance company usually consults you on the right time to clear and collect the rubbish which means your workplace can function without hindrances.

3. Recycling

Recycling is an important step in the cleaning and clearance process. A variety of rubbish and waste is collected during the clearance of any house or workplace and it needs to be segregated before disposal. A professional house clearance company does exactly that and ensures the rubbish/waste is disposed in the optimal manner. For instance, there are different ways to deal with old electronic waste and dirt. Now imagine doing this segregation and disposal yourself; it’s likely to take a long time. By hiring a commercial clearance service instead, you can reduce your carbon footprint substantially and ensure your waste and rubbish is disposed effectively.

4. Expertise

While it may sound pretty simple and straightforward, cleaning and clearing a particular space is a specialist’s job. That is even more relevant if the area to be cleared is a factory or workshop that poses a health hazard in the form of toxic waste or food waste that requires proper disposal. With an expert clearance service, you do not need to worry about dealing with such types of waste. Professional cleaners know all about dealing with different types of waste and how to dispose each of them correctly.

5. Environment Friendly

Working or living in conditions that are full of waste and rubbish is not only an unpalatable sight but also highly harmful to the immediate environment. That is because such conditions tend to pollute the flora and fauna in their vicinity, litter the surrounding area and even cause harm to those passing- or living-by. The most effective way of dealing with this is by regularly calling upon a professional clearing service to clean your home or workplace. This avoids the build-up of harmful rubbish and waste in and around your home or workplace.

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The Health Benefits

There is good reason why these benefits are included under a separate sub-heading in this write-up. The health benefits of keeping your immediate surroundings clean are enormous. Or to put it differently, the monetary cost of dealing with health issues caused by an unclean surrounding are a lot higher than what you’d pay for a commercial clearance service. Let us look at some of the benefits of a clearance service for your health.

1. Keeps Dust Allergies in Check

Britain’s weather is such that cases of cold and common flu are fairly common. One of the more common causes of issues like itchy eyes and a runny nose is dust. It is an allergen that affects millions, if not billions, around the world. But with a professional clearance service, dust is taken care of just the way it should. For instance, clearance companies use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) vacuum cleaners that suck up the maximum level of dust from all visible surfaces (like the carpet) in your room. If you suffer from chronic allergies due to dust, a professional clearing of your home or workplace could work wonders.

2. Gets Rid of Microscopic Dirt

There is dirt that is visible to the naked eye, which makes things look dirty and induces allergies, and then there is the dirt that is not visible to the naked eye but is harmful nevertheless. For example, your bedspread may have zero stains even after a couple of weeks of use. However, it is home to several kinds of bacteria and microscopic dirt, which is usually dead skin debris. But most people tend to ignore clearing dirt unless and until it becomes glaringly obvious. A professional house clearance service, on the other hand, keeps the germs and micro dust away from your bed and other places.

3. Helps Maintain Bathroom Hygiene

Over time, bathrooms, sinks, and other similar places in your home or office become breeding grounds for a number of pathogenic organisms like gastrointestinal viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria like salmonella and e-coli. That is why such spaces need to be sanitized from time to time, which keeps the disease-causing germs at bay and safeguards the health of your family. Moreover, deep cleaning an area like the bathroom calls for specialized techniques and cleaning agents, which is what clearance companies excel in.

4. Regular Cleaning Protects Your Child’s Health

It’s a given that households with children need to maintain a higher standard of hygiene and cleanliness than households that are inhabited by adults exclusively. And when you add infants or toddlers to the equation, it becomes even more important to maintain higher than normal levels of hygiene as the young’uns are more susceptible to infections. Moreover, and you might have witnessed this yourself, toddlers tend to be attracted to the dirtiest corners and areas of your home. With professional clearance services, you can ensure the air your child breathes and the floor she crawls on is as safe as possible.

5. Reduces Your Stress

Rewind your mind to the last time you walked into a dirty home after a long tiring day at work or to the time when your workplace reeked of dust and stale air from the air conditioner. No need to tell you how such an environment has a deeply negative affect on your mental well-being. It has the potential to disturb your peace at home and your productivity at work. Both those scenarios can cause deep mental stress to you, an effect that you can easily ward off by hiring a professional house clearance and workplace cleaning service.

Enjoy Additional Services

Cleaning your home or workplace is not the only thing professional clearance companies specialize in. Many companies tend to bundle-in, or offer separately, services like item relocation, end of tenancy cleaning, probate valuation and post-clearance cleaning.

Probate valuation can be useful for people looking to discover the right value of various items housed in their property. Several clearance companies offer the service as part of their home clearance package whereby the task of valuation is done by experts in the field. This helps in identifying the value of an item in the shortest possible time.

End of tenancy cleaning is ideal for owners who want the shine of their property restored after a tenancy or a long period of dormancy. Item relocation meanwhile is often a useful addition for those renting an accommodation as they can get the company to clear their existing home and relocate the items to a new home. Besides making the entire process faster, as both tasks are handled by the same company, it also saves you money.

Post-clearance cleaning might sound like a marketing gimmick or overkill but is anything but that. It is a useful service that can be called upon before you start a round of home improvements, renovations and other preparations.

Working with a Clearance Company

The process of hiring a professional clearance service is quite simple. Most companies offer you a quote after visiting your home or workplace which lets you take a call on whether to go ahead with the service or not. This quote is completely free and non-binding.
Once you agree to the costs, the company consults you about an appropriate time for the clearance to commence. A team of professional cleaners then arrives at your premises at the agreed upon day and time and thoroughly cleans your property. Most companies submit the collected waste with a government approved recycling centre. However, if some items are in good condition you can consent to donating them to charities or other similar organizations.

Why Not Do It Yourself

At a time when going DIY is quite popular, raising questions about the viability and the need for a professional house clearance service is quite valid and understandable. There is nothing to stop you from cleaning your home or workplace on your own. However, sooner than later you are likely to discover that you do not have the necessary expertise. Furthermore, there is also the special equipment and expensive cleaning agents that clearance companies use for their tasks. Not to mention the amount of time and effort that will be needed on your part.

A much simpler solution instead is to hire an established service that makes the entire clearance process a stress free affair for you. The good thing about clearance companies is that their services are quite affordable these days (thank economies of scale for that) and you are fully informed of all costs involved beforehand. When you consider that there are no hidden costs and each service is priced in a transparent manner, it is a complete win-win situation.

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